in the Public Realm
Cocktails & Conversations

Feburary 03, 2017 Center for Architecture, New York City

The Pairing:
Steven Holl, Steven Holl Architects
Barry Bergdoll, Columbia University

Cocktail designed by:
Eben Klemm, Bartender + Author

Steven Holl, FAIA, Founder and Principal, Steven Holl Architects
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Steven Holl is the founder and principal of Steven Holl Architects, an innovative architecture and urban design office working globally as one office from two locations: New York City and Beijing. He was born in 1947 in Bremerton, Washington, graduated from the University of Washington and pursued architecture studies in Rome in 1970. In 1976 he attended the Architectural Association in London and established Steven Holl Architects in New York City. Considered one of America's most important architects, Steven Holl is recognized for his ability to blend space and light with great contextual sensitivity and to utilize the unique qualities of each project to create a concept-driven design. He specializes in seamlessly integrating new projects into contexts with particular cultural and historic importance.

Steven Holl has been recognized with architecture's most prestigious awards and prizes. Recently, Steven Holl received the 2014 Praemium Imperiale, the 2012 AIA Gold Medal, the RIBA 2010 Jencks Award, and the first ever Arts Award of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards (2009). In 2012, Steven Holl received the Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award from the University of Washington, and has received honorary degrees from Seattle University and Moholy-Nagy University in Budapest. In 2003 he was named Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). In 2002 the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institute, awarded him their prestigious National Design Award in Architecture. In 2001 France bestowed the Grande Médaille d'Or upon him, for Best Architect of the Academy of Architecture; and in the same year Time Magazine declared him "America's Best Architect" for his 'buildings that satisfy the spirit as well as the eye'.

Steven Holl is a tenured Professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture and Planning.He has lectured and exhibited widely and has published numerous texts including Anchoring (1989), Intertwining (1996), Parallax (2000), Idea and Phenomena> (2002), Luminosity/Porosity (2006), House: black swan theory> (2007), Architecture Spoken> (2007), Urbanisms: Working with Doubt (2009), Hamsun Holl Hamarøy (2010), Horizontal Skyscraper (2011), Color Light Time (2012), and Scale (2012). Most recently published is Urban Hopes (2013).

Steven Holl is a member of the American National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the American Institute of Architects, the American Association of Museums, the Honorary Whitney Circle, the Whitney Museum of American Art; and the International Honorary Committee, Vilpuri Library, of the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Barry Bergdoll, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University

Barry Bergdoll is the Meyer Schapiro Professor of Modern Architectural History at Columbia University and a curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art, where from 2007-2013 he served as The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design. At MoMA, he has organized, curated, and consulted on several major exhibitions of 19th and 20th-century architecture, including Frank Lloyd Wright and the City: Density vs. Dispersal (2014), Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes with Jean-Louis Cohen (2013), and Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light with Corinne Belier and Marc LeCoeur (2013). He is author or editor of numerous publications, including Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light (with Corinne Belier and Marc Le Coeur, 2012); Bauhaus 1919-1933: Workshops for Modernity (2010); Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling (2008); Mies in Berlin (2002); Karl Friedrich Schinkel: An Architecture for Prussia (1995); Leon Vaudoyer: Historicism in the Age of Industry (1994); and European Architecture 1750-1890, in the Oxford History of Art series (2001). He served as President of the Society of Architectural Historians from 2006-2008, Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge University in winter 2011, and in 2013 delivered the 62nd A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Eben Klemm, Bartender & Author

Eben Klemm, a former research biologist, is especially interested in encouraging knowledge among bartenders concerning the basic chemical and physics principals that affect the materials they use in order to better understand the techniques they use. Klemm and his cocktails have been featured in such diverse local and national publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Food and Wine, Time Out New York, Popular Science, and Playboy. He has also made televised appearances include The Today Show, CBS's Early Show and ABC 20/20. His cocktail book for beginners, The Cocktail Primer, was published in December by Andrews McNeel.

   By Eben Klemm

The (Improved) Liberal Cocktail

2 oz. Ragtime Rye, New York Distilling
0.5 oz. sweet vermouth
0.25 oz. Bigallet China-China Amer
3 dashes Pernod Absinthe

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice and strain into a double old-fashioned glass with one large ice cube.
Garnish with a twist of lemon.