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Charging Bull, 1989
Artworks: Sculpture

Arturo De Modica
  • Installed, 1989
Charging Bull - Jean Parker Phifer
Evacuation Day - James Kaplan
Great Crash of 1929 Stop 8: Charging Bull - James Kaplan and Richard M. Warshauer
The Charging Bull was created at sculptor Arturo De Modica's own expense. In an act of guerilla art installation, De Modica originally placed the bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange building on December 15, 1989, in honor of the stock market's recovery after the 1987 crash. The sculpture was promptly impounded but was released after public outcry and was installed at its current location two blocks away from the Stock Exchange.

Sometimes referred to as the Wall Street Bull, this scu...
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Broadway & Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004
United States

in front of 26 Broadway
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