in the Public Realm
Twelve Sculptures for E.C.C. Number 4, 1997
Artworks: Sculpture

Tom Nussbaum
Castro-Blanco Piscioneri and Associates, Architects, PC
Architect/Design Agency
New York City Department of Education Public Art for Public Schools
City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program
Painted Bronze
  • Installed, 1997
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Tom Nussbaum's installation at E.C.C. #4 consists of twelve brightly painted, cast bronze sculptures located throughout the school, each standing in its own niche adjacent to the classroom doors. The sculptures depict small groups of children, adults, and animals in various relationships to each other. In one sculpture, a woman holds a boy in her arms. In another, a bear reads a story to a girl sitting on his lap. Mounted at child-eye level, where they can be freely touched, the pieces also serv...
Courtesy of the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program
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1871 Walton Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453
United States

Public School 236, in the niches next to several classroom doors throughout the school
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