in the Public Realm
Architect's Handkerchief, 2006
Artworks: Sculpture

Claes Oldenburg
polyester gel-coat and polyurethane clear-coat on fiber reinforced polymers edition3/3
  • Installed, 2006
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The Architects Handkerchief is a depiction of the "stylish handkerchiefs" worn by the famous modernist architect, Mies Van Der Rhoe. Artist Claes Van Oldenburg and Coojse Van Bruggen are known for their monumental large scale sculptures and pop art aesthetic. The large outdoor sculpture was installed in August 2006 at the Northeast side of the Kemper Museum and is a neighbor to the nearby piece, American Shuttlecocks, installed by Oldenburg and Bruggen in 1994.
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4420 Warwick Blvd.
Kansas City , Mo 64111
United States

On north side of Kemper.
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