in the Public Realm
Earth, Water and Heaven
Artworks: Sculpture

Ilan Averbuch
City of Portland and Multnomah County Public Art Collection courtesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council
Stone, wood, copper, and steel
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Earth Water and Heaven (from Daedalus to Icarus), in contrast to the other two sculptures located in the Rose Quarter by Averbuch, is of moderate scale. It is also more quiet and meditative. This work deals with the dichotomy and integration of two different levels of meaning. One is the ring of stone and water tied in an everlasting balance of nature (rivers and mountains, oceans and continents). The other concept is about us as humans and our expressive aspirations for "heaven" represented...
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Rose Quarter
N. Center Court St. & N. Winning Way
Portland, OR 97227
United States

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