in the Public Realm
The Eternal, 2011
Artworks: Glass

Anne Katrine Senstad
The Percent for Art Program Ohio State Arts Council
Photographic C prints, Plexiglas and Aluminum
  • Installed, 2011
The Wolfe Center Mural - Anne Katrine Senstad
Eternal - The Design Process - Anne Katrine Senstad
The piece is based on the artist's examinations on light, color and time. The mural piece reflects the idea of the expansive, the transformative in color and space, the essence of light and the notion of color spectrums we find in the natural environment as well as in purposely created artificial color environments. The relation to the sun seen in the yellow expanding center of the piece, talks about the horizon and sunset we experience everyday - the Eternal. It struck me when visiting Ohio how...
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Wolfe Center for the Arts
Ridge & N. Mercer
Bowling Green, OH 43402
United States

Theater lobby
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