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Boston Downtown

Modernism in Boston - Part 09: 1950s Politics and Building Projects - David Fixler
Modernism in Boston - Part 01: Beginning of Modernism in New England - David Fixler
Modernism in Boston - Part 16: The End of Modernism - David Fixler
Downtown Crossing - Eric Howeler
In the old view of Boston, made in 1860, the streets seem to the etched deeply into a solid mass of buildings, much as letters might be chiseled into a block of granite by a stonecutter, or gullies might be carved into a bank of clay by a retreating flood. In the new view those street shape are much less crisply defined, but they do survive, whereas all the buildings have disappeared - with the sole exception of tiny Old South Meetinghouse, with a small s...
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Franklin St & Congress St
Boston, MA 02110
United States

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John W McCormack Post Office and Courthouse365 feet
Milk Street at Hawley Street409 feet
Creature Pond532 feet
Immanent Circumstance545 feet
Quincy Market, Interior591 feet
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