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John Tauranac became a cartographer in 1972 while creating undercover maps of New York City's infrastructure for New York Magazine. He went on to create culture bus loop maps for the Municipal Arts Society. Following that he collaborated with the MTA on the subway map in 1979 as the "Design Chief". This map replaced the 1972 Vignelli's Unimark subway map. It was noteworthy for trying to incorporate some of the graphic innovations that Vignelli made such as color keying the lines and stations. It also created a more accurate depiction of both the above ground geography and the location of route transfer stations and off-hours (night) service. He is continuing to address these concerns through more recent transit maps that illustrate the subway and bus systems. His work exemplifies the classical tradition of cartography.

He has also documented points of interest through maps devoted specifically to them. His Manhattan Block by Block book blends accurate street address, points of interest, and transit routes together in a detailed pamphlet-style book.


Map Design by John Tauranac. ©Tauranac, Ltd., 2011


Manhattan Bus Map