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Previous Newsletters Vol. 1 Issue 3 - June, 2011

Intern Benefit



(From left to right - intern year):
Kimberly Williams-'04, Harvard University
David Giglio -'05, Arizona State University
Seetha Raghupathy -'09, Harvard University
Ryshelle McCadney -'04 & '07, Harvard University
Alison Kwiatkowski -'07, University of Pennsylvania
Jianxing Chen -'11, New York University
Caroline Kaplan -'11, New York University
Jefferson Yang Mao-'08, University of Chicago
David Andersson-'05, Harvard University
Meghan Houser -'08 & '09, Harvard University

This week cultureNOW held a Chinese banquet to fund the stipends for our three 2011 summer interns. We place education at the forefront of our mission. Over the past nine years we have developed a project based summer internship for college students who are passionate about the art and architecture of the cities we live in. We try to create opportunities for them to explore our cultural landscape, interact with artists, architects, civic and cultural leaders who shape our environment. Our program blends an immersive learning experience with a mentored transition into the workplace. For our intern alumni, Tuesday was a chance to both connect and reconnect. For our supporters, it was a chance to meet them, get to know them and share their enthusiasm. In other words, it was truly inspiring!

Abby Suckle, President, cultureNOW

Featured Public Art Collection:


There are 152 artworks already online, including various WPA commissioned pieces and the Amistad Murals. In an innovative partnership, the City of New Haven's Department of Cultural Affairs is collaborating with Yale University to post three of their collections on cultureNOW's website and iPhone app which will be live by the end of the month (or sooner).

We would like to congratulate the Department of Cultural Affairs for the award they received on Friday from the New England Foundation for the Arts for Project Storefronts.The inittiative was conceived and managed by the Department and supported by the Economic Development Corporation of New Haven.


For more information visit:

Aluminum Arched Trellis by Kent Bloomer
photo © Department of Cultural Affairs, City of New Haven

Danger Fruit: Ouch by Mia Brownell
photo © Boret Bo Lonh, Department of Cultural Affairs,
City of New Haven

Sky of Writing by Zhao Suikang
photo © Department of Cultural Affairs, City of New Haven

Ascending Birds by David von Schlegell
photo © Department of Cultural Affairs, City of New Haven

Interesting Finds
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The iPhone App -
On its 1st Anniversary

When: June 16, 2011

Where: San Diego, CA

Abby Suckle, Anne Lewison, Anna Heineman, cultureNOW
Porter Arneil, Director/Public Art Administrator Municipal Art Commission of Kansas City
Sherry Brueggemann,
Public Art Manager
Albuquerque Public Arts Board

9th Annual Nighttime Walking Tour of Revolutionary War New York

When: July 04, 2011

Time: 2am - 6am

Partner: Fraunces Tavern Museum

For more information:

Can't make the tour, experience it virtually online or on our iPhone App

July - August, 2011
Opening Reception:
July 06, 2011

6pm - 8pm

Location: Center for Architecture
536 Laguardia Place New York, NY

cultureNOW will launch its first annual award program for projects celebrating the integration of art and architecture in the Public Realm.

Details will be announced in July.


One of the most ephemeral art forms in the urban landscape is light art. Lighting designers are often brought in on extremely challenging projects where the artistry is as much about reimagining an existing urban space, as it is about creating drama in the night sky. cultureNOW celebrates the work of Leni Schwendinger who fuses art and design with light in her projects throughout the US.

Coney Island Parachute Jump
photo © ArchPhoto

Tidal Radiance
photo © Leni Schwendinger

Featured Architect: DATTNER ARCHITECTS

Founded in 1964, Dattner Architects has built a practice that frames our urban existence. They have designed public buildings in every borough of New York City. Project types range from public schools to subway stations to the Riverbank State Park which is notable for having the largest green roof in NYC which spans 27 acres on top of the sewage treatment plant. We are delighted to showcase some of their work on our website and iPhone app. We recorded 16 Podcasts last week which will be posted soon.
West 72nd Street Station Rehabilitation
photo © Cervin Robinson
Bronx Library Center
photo © Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Report from the Field:

The Florida Association of Public Art Professional Conference was held in Palm Beach on May 18th. Anna Heineman, our Art Historian, attended. We are pleased to announce that she will be the new Public Art Administrator for the University of Florida.

Florida Collections online and on the iPhone include Jacksonville, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade. Orlando and Tampa will follow soon.

Liesel Fenner speaking at the FAPAP conference
Photo by Dana Donaty