DeWitt Clinton shepharded the completion of the Erie Canal at a cost of $7 million $, the canal was 363 miles length including 565 miles of changing elevation. - lowered the cost of shipping made trade easier. It was the first from east to west transportation route in the country allowing the agricultural products of reducing cost of transport by 90%... enabling agriculture products to reach the sea making New York a major commercial port. Not until April 15, 1817 was the whole plan solidified into a legislative act by which funds were provided for the construction of a canal 363 miles in length, with a surface width of 40 feet, a bottom width of 18 feet, and a water channel four feet in depth. But when the start fairly had been made the work went ahead rapidly. Ground was broken that same year, on July 4th, at Rome, on the middle section; and the excavation and structural work were pushed with such diligence that the canal was opened for traffic in but little more than eight years.

Opened, Oct 26, 1825
Proposed, 1768
Surveyed, 1808
Construction Started, Oct 26, 1817

Apr 15, 1817- NY State Legislature passed a bill funding the Erie Canal

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