America's Most Powerful Lunch



After the restaurant was sold in 1973, a new group took over. The grille room was established and they hired a new chef, maître d – But the restaurant was not noted for the food. Nora Ephron often came for lunch, she brought the publishers in and bit became known as a power lunch setting. Philip Johnson held a round table there. Henry Kissinger and Tom Wolfe were regulars. They were not alone. Other regulars Henry Grunwald, Clay Felker, Bess Myerson, Gene Shalit, Richard Snyder, Gloria Steinem, James Beard, and you, Michael Korda, Calvin Klein, Edgar Bronfman, and you, Jackie Onassis, Nelson Doubleday, Mark Goodson, and you, too, Oscar de la Renta, Louis Auchincloss, Alex Liberman. The Grille Room attracted New York's thinkers, movers and shakers all immortalized in Lee Eisenberg's Esquire article.

Published, Oct 1, 1979

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