Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans


The Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans was designed by Thompson and Rose Architects and was dedicated in 1997. Located next to the Bartholomew County Courthouse, the memorial is constructed of twenty-five Indiana limestone pillars, each forty-feet tall. They are arranged in a 5 x 5 square with walking space between each pillar. The pillars on the exterior retain their rough-hewn finish; the pillars' interior surface is smooth. Engraved on the pillars are the names of Bartholomew County veterans who died during wars in the twentieth-century. Excerpts from diaries and soldiers' letters home are also engraved on the pillars. Landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh designed the grounds with grids of flowering trees. The Memorial is located withing the Columbus Arts District. The architect's fees were paid by the Cummins Foundation Architecture Program.

Installed, 1997