Bookmark at Inglewood Public Library


Bookmark @ The Inglewood Public Library is an interactive temporary artwork that addresses the transition that libraries throughout the country are going through as new books are added to collections to replace older books and reading transitions from printed matter into e-books and electronic media. Like many libraries, the Inglewood Public Library had decommissioned books. This artwork repurposes the 10,000 decommissioned books and creates a participatory 'work in progress'. The architect describes Bookmark as a "way of paying our respect to the books that have enlightened the lives of many and as an act of placemaking to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share. Patrons are invited to help finish building / writing the final chapter for 10,000 books by partaking in the formation of the 'writer's blocks' book furniture and the mesh fabric of the tossed 'crumpled page'. Patron participation will not only mark the readers place + contribution of this project at the Inglewood Public Library, but it will also help to leave a celebratory mark for the respective writers of these books forever.

Installed, 2014
Removed, 2014