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Library Walk and the Architectural Medallions

Library Walk
Thomas Tarangioli
Park Avenue Architectural Series
Gregg LeFevre
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Library Walk

Park Avenue Architectural Series

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As you climb out from the subway, head East on 41st Street in front of the Library to Park Avenue and look down. There are a series of plaques in the sidewalk called Library Walk by Gregg LeFevre. Sponsored by the New York Public Library and the Grand Central Partnership these quotations selected by a panel of librarians and literary experts from the New Yorker from some of the great works of literature. The street was officially named Library Way in 2004. If you continue on Park Avenue towards 40th Street, you will notice additional sidewalk medallions. Here Gregg LeFevre has commemorated some of the former designed by the tenants of 101 Park Avenue which used to be known as the Architects Building.