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Audubon Terrace Sculptures

Audubon Terrace Sculptures 2
Olivia Pei
Hispanic Society Sculptures
Jean Parker Phifer
Anna Hyatt Huntington, sculptor at Audubon Terrace
Olivia Pei
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Don Quixote

El Cid Campeador

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The center statue is a bronze equestrian sculpture of El Cid Campeador, holding a lance as he rides his stallion. This is designated on the HarlemNOW map by the number 49. There are four male figures at the base that represent the Spanish Order of Chivalry. Archer Huntington, who wrote poetry, wrote the inscription on the base of the statue. To the north of the statue stands the limestone wall of the museum, which is decorated with limestone bas-reliefs. East of the statue stands a statue of Don Quixote on his horse Rocinante, and to the lower right is a group of cougars that live in the Great Pyrenees Mountains on the French/Spanish border. To the west of the statue stands a statue of Boabdil, the last Moorish king of Grenada. The sides of the stairs down to the lower courtyard are decorated with a stag and a doe with her faun, all in bronze. The courtyard also contains limestone sculptures of vultures eating their prey, wild boars, bears a jaguar and other animals. The flagpole bases are decorated with allegorical scenes, including monks bent over in prayer.