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125th Street Tour Introduction
Abby Suckle
City Planning in Harlem
Edwin Marshall

About this Tour Stop...

Welcome to the HarlemNOW walking tour of historic 125th Street. This tour will visit various places of cultural and historical significance located on 125th Street. We suggest that you arrive at your tour via the 125th Street station on the 1 train. You will be walking down the steps at the station. The elevated viaduct you've arrived on runs from 122nd to 135th Street. It was designated a New York City landmark in 1981. It is one of the few transit structures so honored. 125th Street is considered the main street of Harlem. Also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, it is just one of over 600 streets, avenues, and boulevards around the world named in honor of Dr. King. The American Planning Association named 125th Street one of 10 great streets in America. According to Denny Johnson, Public Affairs Coordinator for the American Planning Association, 125th Street was given this honor because it is a "unique area with lots of character [which has played a] prominent role in history of Black America [and shown] resilience though ups and downs".