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Bryant Park Guard Kiosk
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Bryant Park Guard Kiosk
Matthew Broderick

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Never underestimate the value of a good security team, as exemplified by the menand women based in the Bryant Park Guard Kiosk. "Uniformed security guards and maintenance personnel not only provide upkeep, but their presence also discourages crime and vandalism by making it clear that the park is important and cared-for. In a sense, the park is self-enforcing. The increased access and visibility of the park, improved lighting, and signage which states park rules and regulations as to conduct and opening and closing hours, have all contributed to making the park safer. According to the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation, in 1979, 150 robberies occurred in Bryant Park. And since 1981, there has been one. The four New York City police originally assigned to the park have since been relocated." Source: