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Harlem River Park Mural 'We Bring Light to Everyone Around Us'

We Bring Light to Everyone Around Us
Janet Braun-Reinitz
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We Bring Light to Everyone Around Us

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Our mural represents what is symbolic and natural to the indigenous cultures (Native American, Ancient Egyptian, Japanese and African). We were very much inspired by the Manahatta project flora & fauna, and Folklore themes. The design elements and symbols created for the mural are cherry blossoms, the Sankofa, and an ancient Aztec pyramid which highlighted Ancient Egyptian motifs. In regards to the indigenous cultures, we were inspired to incorporate into the mural the Lenape tribe of manhatta, Yemaya Nigerian Goddess of the ocean and Ma'at Ancient Egyptian Goddess of truth, balance, order and justice personified. She was harmony, she was what was right, she was what things should be. It was thought that if Ma'at didn't exist, the universe would become chaos, once again! Egypt, then, was seen to be nothing without Ma'at. The idea of our mural is to share with the public the beauty of the Indigenous culture and its people as well its adaptation into the metropolis or modern world.