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Harlem River Park Mural 'Untold Stories / Storytellah's Mural'

Untold Stories
Janet Braun-Reinitz
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Untold Stories / Storytellah's Mural

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The 'Storytellah's' mural, "Untold Stories," was created with the rich history and unique flavors of Harlem in mind. Incorporating both cultural and architectural elements intrinsic to Harlem, "Untold Stories," takes viewers on a visual ride through past and present. Each ancient mask represents a wave of immigration that has left its own unique trace on this eclectic neighborhood, representing the people of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa. Within the masks are images of the sites and sounds of Harlem such as the local foods like genepas, plantains and mangos, cookouts, jazz and drumming, break dancing, and iconic buildings that are familiar to the skyline, such as Taino Towers and the Madison Avenue Bridge. The center mask reveals outspoken champions of the past such as Malcolm X and Madame CJ Walker. The mural reflects the intricate web of sites and sounds, past and present that make up the incomparable "Untold Stories" of Harlem.