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Main Plaza

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Main Plaza

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Main Plaza, formerly known as Plaza de las Islas, is the historical center of San Antonio, having been established in 1731. Since its establishment, the Plaza has remained the center of social, governmental and religious life of the community. Located along the Plaza’s boundaries are some of the most important structures in the city, including the San Fernando Cathedral and the Bexar County Courthouse. In the summer of 2006, design began for the redevelopment of Main Plaza. At the heart of the Plaza, a boisterous ground-line fountain animates the space visually and helps mask traffic noise. Numerous benches surround this central stone-paved space, providing ample seating in many different configurations. At the perimeter, planting beds feature lush, shade-loving landscape bringing color and the presence of nature into the urban space. The design also incorporates improvements to two adjacent streets that lead to the Plaza, strengthening connections to the surrounding urban fabric.