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Alamo National Bank Building

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Alamo National Bank Building

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The Alamo National Bank building is a 24-story building with a basement and attached parking garage. The bank building was constructed in 1929-30, the parking garage was attached to the west elevation in 1961, and the building was remodeled in the early 1970s. The Alamo National Bank was designed in the boom days prior to the stock market crash of 1929, and completed in the early days of the Depression. It is an excellent example of eclectic design by one of the country’s finest architects of tall buildings: Graham, Anderson, Probst and White. Built of structural steel and reinforced concrete, the building rises from a 3-story granite base. The office tower is 17 stories tall, with an extension of four stories on its east (primary) face. Entrances to the building lobby and banking lobby dominate the east and north facades respectively. The building is richly trimmed in granite, marble, terra cotta and decorative bronze. The centerpiece of the building is a 2½-story tall banking lobby with fluted columns and pilasters and an elaborate entablature of bronze grille work and molded plaster. The bank originally occupied the first three floors which are also trimmed in various colors of marble with bronze trim. The upper floors, which housed a variety of commercial tenants, are typical of the period with marble wainscoting and paneled walnut and glass doors with operable transoms. The building is now converted to the Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk.