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Midtown Rest Stop

Prismatic Park
Brooke Kamin Rapaport
Roscoe Conkling
Jonathan Kuhn
Admiral David Glasgow Farragut
Jean Parker Phifer
Park Avenue Architectural Series
Gregg LeFevre
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Hercules, Mercurius and Minerva

Park Avenue Architectural Series

The Couple

Lariat Seat Loops



Admiral David Glasgow Farragut

William H. Seward

Chester Alan Arthur

Roscoe Conkling

Sew and Sew

Long Division

Prismatic Park

About this Tour Stop...

This is an art rich area. Madison Park has a collection of permanent sculptures supplemented by a rotating collection of temporary works including Josiah McElheny's Prismatic Park. Further north on Park Avenue, one of the highlights are two series of plaques set into the sidewalk. Gregg LeFevre has created Park Avenue Portraits between 40th and 41st Streets of some of the buildings that were designed at the former Architects Building located at 101 Park Avenue. Grand Central Terminal also has a robust collection of artworks both outside and inside.