in the Public Realm
Compassionate St. Augustine OA450
St. Augustine - Obelisk Art 450, Tour of Compassion is an international public art exhibition interpreting Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights and Compassion in the Nation’s Oldest City. Obelisks are on view citywide, primarily in historic downtown St. Augustine October 2, 2015 through January 31, 2016. Artists were invited to create multidimensional statements about the ways in which the diverse history of the “Ancient City” resonates with the four values listed above.
Downtown Fort Lauderdale - The Art and Architecture
Florida - The Tour follows the route of the AIA Fort Lauderdale tour and adds many of the downtown public artworks.
Modern Architecture in Sarasota
Florida - This list was developed as a self-guided driving tour, an introduction to the architectural heritage of Sarasota, Florida. Buildings were selected because they are architecturally significant and visible from the public right of way. Examples of what became known as the Sarasota School of Architecture from 1940-1970 celebrate a style unique to the community, and are recognized nationally.
Walking Tour of University of Florida's Public Art
Gainesville, FL - This tour highlights works of art that were purchased through the Art in State Buildings fund, and walks visitors through the picturesque southern campus of the University of Florida.