ICAHN Stadium
With Ricardo Zurita
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Icahn Stadium is the premier outdoor track and field facility in New York City. Since it opened it has been the prime venue for track and field on the East Coast while extensively serving local schools and community groups. Certified by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) as a Class 1 facility, Icahn Stadium is the only publicly-owned facility of its kind in the US with the potential for hosting Olympic trials. The site placement and orientation addressed the stringent parameters of track and field competition (i.e.: solar orientation and wind direction) and conditions that the master plan for the island, that we developed, suggested would benefit the overall park environment. Of importance was that the design of the stadium provides a significant presence while in the vicinity of two enormous bridges, particularly when seen across the Harlem River from Manhattan. The design of the stadium reflects the duality of being a community-oriented venue and a world-class facility. The project includes a world-class Mondo track, stadium seating for 5,000 spectators (expandable to 20,000), an adjacent premier playing field, press and television broadcast capabilities, facilities for participants, and food and souvenir concessions.
Author: Ricardo Zurita

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