The material - Copper - in this case sheathes a ventilated facade around the home mitigating the extreme heat and increasing the life of the build immensely. An endearing exploration of spaces below, on and above ground connected by a network of courtyards from intimate to regal, the family has been so forthcoming in realizing a true piece of Architecture. This large multi-generational home occupies a lot of 2.5 acres. Spasm Design were asked to design a new way to live on the acreage in close connect with nature, such that the needs of all generations from grand children to senior family members were met. The brief was large - entailing entertainment areas, family living areas, kitchen zone, temple, gymnasium, home theatre, spa, stores, bedroom suites, and solitary and togetherness spaces. Many staff and service structures were also needed along with an extensive garage. We chose to lay out a three level home, a body that sinks in, sits on and floats over the surrounding greens. The intent being to deliver a truly contemporary modern home fully built in Indian stones, woods, plasters, metals etc. Raw, the Patination of the copper has already begun serve as a marker of its age, a breathing, aging, graceful body. We enjoy the celebration of true uncoated textures of such noble materials. The body of the build is partly board planked concrete and copper. Several passive and active climatic strategies have been deployed to mitigate the searing arid heat of Ahmedabad. Roofed greens, buried program, water bodies, misting, ventilated façade, pergolas, meshes all come together to work in tandem to create a comfortable home. Several bespoke lights, furniture, objects of marbles, wood crafted furniture, handrails etc. were all developed with the craftsmen on the team. A truly satisfying experience, this build was a true collaboration of builders, engineers, landscapers, artists, craftsmen, metal forgers, façade specialists, marble sculptors, the clients and us. Light, greenery, glorious Indian stone and fine carpentry will underscore this project where we were afforded a complete Carte Blanche. We so look forward to the life of this project as it matures through the years. The greatest reward was that the family found the atmosphere conducive to living in the joint family way which is soon losing its essence in modern nuclear Indian psyche. The principal client, our patron, said, “What more joy than to live with my sons and to see my grandchildren playing on the lawns.” Architecture must unite family.

Constructed, 2022