Inglewood Forever an artwork designed for the lobby of the Inglewood Police Department, sends the viewer on a journey of discovery. Graeff's composition knits the Centinela Adobe, the Forum, Randy's Donuts, vintage police cars, fallen officers and palm trees in a unified field of Inglewood experience. The art encourages those visiting the Police in person to recall the City`s landmarks and landscapes, and keep a positive feeling for the City and police. Given an assignment to reflect Inglewood's history and police accomplishments, Graeff sought to instill pride in the City's rich visual culture. He presents the Police Department as heroes making the city safer. He depicts police in and around landmarks to draw a parallel, placing a police car and motorcycle in the foreground to balance legacy with resources. The clouds are meant to add a dreamlike quality, parting in the middle of the painting, to let the Space Shuttle make its historical passage through Inglewood. The artist's blue and orange palette draws on southern California retro style and relaxed ambience. Inglewood Forever is Graeff's largest public art commission to date.

Installed, 2015