Fanny Peabody Mason Music Building


The Music Building was originally built in 1914 to a design by the New York-based firm of Howells and Stokes (John Mead Howells, A.B. 1891). The original construction included Paine Hall. In 1911, a fund was raised by subscription for general maintenance. The site is named for Fanny Peabody Mason a noted benefactor to the Harvard music program. In 1955-56 the Eda Loeb Music Library was added (to a design by Stanley Parker). And in 1970-72 the Fanny Peabody Mason Music Building was added (designed by Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott of Boston). In 1997, a small renovation created new office space for the music department. The building was initially funded with an anonymous donation of $80,000 and later by various donors including James Loeb, Paul and Felix Warburg and Dave Hennen Morris.

Constructed, 1914
Addition, 1972
Renovation, 1997