Psyche (the butterfly)


Psyche (the butterfly) is suspended in the “knuckle” area connecting the old with the new building. To the ancient Greeks, Psyche not only meant butterfly but also soul, inspiring the connection between the organic and the elevated aspirations of the heart. Through Donald Lipski’s research he discovered that the butterfly was also an important symbol to other civilizations, signifying rejuvenation, reincarnation, and love. Approximately 10,000 test tubes filled with pigmented acrylic, the most basic and familiar tools of science, suggest the individual cells of the wings. The work is large, approximately 14.5’’ across and 10’’ high, suspended to slowly move in the currents of the HVAC. The “veins” of the wings are fabricated out of steel and the area in between is stretched with stainless steel mesh from which the test tubes are suspended.


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