Target Plaza at Target Field


oslund.and.assoc. worked with the stadium architects Populous to develop all of the pedestrian plazas and circulation spaces associated with the new $390 million dollar baseball stadium. The stadium, home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team, opened for the spring baseball season of 2010. This project was technically difficult due to the small size of the site (7 acres) and the multitude of urban influences on the stadium site. These influential factors include a new commuter rail line, a new light rail station, the existing I-394 corridor (which much of the stadium and plaza is built over), an existing railroad corridor and bike trail along the western edge of the stadium, and a distinct 30` elevation change between the stadium and the surrounding infrastructure. This elevation differential places all of the main external pedestrian spaces on structure. Care has been given to create memorable public gathering spaces that serve as desirable urban plazas on both game days and non-game days. Green space and plantings have been carefully placed to earn necessary LEED credits for the project. Moving into the plaza from 6th Street, fans pass by a custom-designed sculpture of Rod Carew and nearby stands another sculpture of Kirby Puckett. Vendor carts line the edges of the space, adjacent to extensive bench seating placed under metal shade canopies. Lining the main axis into Target Field is a line of topiaries that recall baseball bats, planted with hops – a tongue in cheek nod to the cold frosty brew that seems forever linked with an afternoon at the park. The hops are planted seasonally and act as a vertical signal throughout the entire season with the hope of harvest during the world series. Integral bench seating surrounds the base of each topiary, complimenting the seating found on either side of the walkway. Covering the entire façade of the “B” Ramp is a kinetic wind sculpture collaboratively designed with artist Ned Kahn and our office. A mesmerizing compilation of baseball-sized aluminum cards that move like liquid as the wind blows across its face. Immediately below, and across the walkway from the wind sculpture are large planted green spaces with canopy trees, flowering trees, perennials, shrubs, and turf. An oversized bronze baseball glove sculpture is located on the ramp side – allowing many opportunities for improvised pictures. Small “pitcher`s mound” planters are found adjacent to the ticket office – also with integral seating surrounding them. More planters and trees lining 7th Street round out the plaza design. The intention was to create a dynamic urban space that offers enjoyment on multiple levels, both on game days, and when the field is quiet.

Constructed, 2010


Old - ASLA Minnesota Chapter Design Award in 2011
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