Bronx Charter School for the Arts


The award-winning design of the Bronx Charter School for the Arts reflects the school's founding principle that arts education is critical to human development and learning. Color, space, and natural light create a direct physical connection with the content and aims of the curriculum. The budget restrictions and use of a former factory require a simple but innovative approach to achieve a healthy environment that enhances the learning spaces. A community driven design process resulted in a unique, light-filled space. Through its adaptive re-use of the building, the school plays a role in the transformation of the Hunts Point neighborhood. With its bright colors, the school's strong street presence in its urban industrial neighborhood promotes community participation through the arts. Its design satisfies the school's desire to explore the way openness and easy communication can be encouraged by the built environment. The design incorporates many sustainable features and exceeds the minimum standards for air changes and natural light. The decision to reuse the facade structure with a new insulated brick layer for the exterior wall added energy savings. Filtered fresh air and north facing skylights supply the building with an ethereal aesthetic while meeting health goals. North-facing insulated clerestories reduce heat gain, bring natural light into the deep interior spaces throughout the day, and allow the school to save money on heating and cooling. Many of the materials used are a minimum 60% recycled content. The LEED checklist was used as a guide throughout.

Constructed, 2006


Old - Built by Women in 2015