Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion


The design is a wonderful example of how a simple issue—in this case, providing shelter and dispersing rainwater—can lead to a poetic solution. The two roof forms, basically flat, are subtly curved and molded to divert rainwater to a tidal pool. The result is a functional and beautifully sculptural form. It will be a pleasure to stand under this shelter and a pleasure to view it from above, as many people who work in surrounding high-rise buildings will. How appropriate that this building, which serves travelers in the waters of the Boston Harbor, celebrates water. The construction photographs included in the honor award entry exhibit the architect`s careful attention to detail. The client is to be commended for this handsome, durable structure, which could have been just another utility building. Instead, it is an uncommonly beautiful contribution to the public realm. The jury thought this project showed great confidence on the part of the designer. One jury member commented, "I wish I had thought of that!"


Old - BSA Honor Award in 2011
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