Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


The fifth tallest building in Boston, Massachusetts, it is located at Dewey Square, on the convergence of Fort Point and the Financial District neighborhoods. In close proximity to the Boston Harbor, the Fort Point Channel and major inter-modal South Station terminal, the building is marked by a distinctive opening near ground level which allows sea breezes to pass through.The building consists of an office tower and a four-story wing, built between December 1972 and November 1974. The office tower has a glass front and an anodized aluminum exterior, with office floors that rise from a 140-foot bridge and a 600-ton steel truss. It features an auditorium that is named for Frank E. Morris, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston from 1968 to 1988. It was designed to meet the Bank's needs and is also available to the community, offering lunchtime concerts as well. Gardens are incorporated above street level.The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has been headquartered since 1977 in the distinctive 614-foot (187 m) tall, 32-story building at 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston. Designed by architecture firm Hugh Stubbins & Associates, the tower portion of the building is suspended between two towers on either side.

Constructed, 1974


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