Adisaptagram is a small town in the Hoogly district a couple of miles from Bansberia. Upon learning about the accolades earned by the Bamboo Pavilion, Mr Das - owner of a few brick manufacturing units and a respected, influential person in the region - sought to approach an architect to build himself an extension for his home. Going against the norm of employing civil contractors and masons for any building works by appointing a design professional was, until then, something unheard of. Hearing about the neighbourhood boy running an architectural practice in the big city, he was encouraged to approach Abin Design Studio for their services. Pool House, as it came to be known, was the first-of-its-kind consigned project in the vicinity. With initial inputs from the client, the suggested program comprising a swimming pool, gym, guesthouse and lawn for this residential extension spoke volumes about changing lifestyles in peri-urban areas. The client also found comfort in giving freedom to design with a modern outlook. What started as a casual social favour, ended as a sophisticated and complex manifestation of ADS's expression. Set amidst lush greens of rural Bengal, Pool House is an extension to the ancestral home of Mr Das. Having procured some land on two sides of his existing bungalow, the client, a fitness enthusiast, required a swimming pool, gymnasium, open lawns and guest entertainment areas as an addition to his residence. Basic Vaastu guidelines dictated the pool to be located towards the East of the bungalow. The built mass of the extension was thus planned towards the North-East enabling unobstructed light and ventilation to both the existing residence and the newly planned gymnasium and guest block. This moreover facilitated open views of the swimming pool and the northern lawns from both structures. The gym and guest block itself is designed in a simple, sleek language with overhanging frame balconies and a statement external staircase. Louvred fenestration allows filtered light in to the indoors creating a soft play of light and shade. A hot tub has been designed under the bridge access to snugly sit amid softcaped features. Two accesses from the first floor of the existing bungalow to the pool complex were designed as architectural features. The entry from the South-East corner of the house makes its way across a small bridge turning into a cantilevered staircase. The bridge mass itself proves to act as a visual barrier from the South-lying road. The fenestration for this gangway has been crafted with sleek wooden louvers to provide privacy while still enabling ventilation. The entry towards the North-East corner of the bungalow is designed as a modern deck cantilevering out on two sides. This minimalistic structure complements the existing old archetypal residence. A crafted granite staircase leads one down to the extension.

Constructed, 2013