Presenting global cuisine with an Indian soul, Masti Cocktails & Cuisine is the first licensed restaurant at the La Mer district, Dubai. Designed to cater to the globally-aware patron, Masti draws from its name – meaning fun & mischief in Hindi – to craft a narrative representative of the distinct quirks and motifs of India through a contemporary, bold expression. A two-storied beachfront property houses the 8000-sq.ft spatial layout with a seating capacity of about 200, comprising of an all-day dining space, a bar, an evening lounge and a private dining room. With a kitchen occupying a large chunk of the ground floor – ringed by outdoor seating spaces and a live counter overlooking the beach – and the Elephant Bar on the first floor opening out into the covered deck, the layout consists of a mix of indoor & outdoor spaces designed for usage during specific times of the day. Dotted with modern takes on Indian art, craft and architecture, the experience has been made playful through the use of a vibrant colour palette and whimsical design elements – be it the hand-crafted stained-glass Elephant Bar, the inlaid marble games tables, or the quirky graphic prints on the cushions and upholstery. Highlighting the sequential nature of the spaces, the distinctive visual identity of each zone is underpinned by the use of brass fixtures and detailing, and a comparatively muted flooring schematic - ranging from timber and parquet in the Gin Room, to hand-poured concrete in the restrooms.

Constructed, 2017