William Paterson University Student Center


This significant expansion and modernization project involved a combination of new construction and renovations to create a multifunctional grouping of buildings at the center of the William Paterson University campus. Gruzen Samton placed the new student center at the heart of the campus, strengthening its position within the campus and supporting its mission to become a hub for student activities. The new structure, a major addition, houses a conference facility and ballroom and physically connects two existing buildings, Wayne Hall (dining facility) and the existing student center, which were both undergoing major renovations. Designing Efficient & Clear Circulation Patterns Gruzen Samton realigned interior building circulation to support a strong circulation route for the entire campus. We also reorganized formerly closed and unconnected spaces, allowing for efficient and clear circulation patterns throughout the campus. The new plan resolved key concerns of the university, including uniting upper and lower portions of the campus. The plan successfully addressed the following: a. lack of cohesive links between buildings (e.g. between those providing dining & administrative functions) b. increased pedestrian traffic through/around the campus center c. continuous use of facilities due to expanded campus population d. preventing the interruption of campus services during construction.

Renovation, 2003