Mandvi School

Shri Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidhyalay Science Building


The patrons, for whom SPASM have designed and built two homes, come from Mandvi. The family has excelled in their business ventures and has been carrying out many philanthropic activities in and around the region. This particular project is the construction of laboratory facilities for girl students in 12th grade. The idea was, to save the one tree which stands on the very tight, difficult-to-access site. The architects saw this as a tremendous opportunity, a project where some scientific principles can be integrated into the build itself. The method of construction chosen was steel box sections as unit members all to a 1200mm grid, cut welded, and assembled after delivery to the site as a kit of parts. The labs will be column-free and the entire outer shell is thin steel framing and walls with terracotta cones, made by a local potter community. The idea is to make the labs, well-lit, yet comfortable in terms of temperature, through evaporative cooling by suspending wet Khus reed Matts and green climber screens. The Venturi effect of the breezes flowing through the terracotta cone walls will add to the natural cooling of all levels. Solar panels will produce supplemental power and hot water power for evening lighting and lab needs.

Constructed, 2020