Captain Kidd moves into Lower Manhattan


Kidd was an employee of the Crown, a privateer hired to capture pirates and any foreign vessels that got in England`s way. He was based in New York for many of the same reasons more illicit sea captains were here — opportunities, money and a suitable harbor for his vessel. Kidd`s ship was called the Adventure Galley.Despite his career, Kidd was considered a respectable New York gentleman. He Marries Sarah Oort, considered the richest widow in the settlement, mostly because of the wife`s standing from her prior two marriages. Although the Kidds owned several properties, their primary residence was at the 119 Pearl Street, at the corner of Hanover and Pearl streets, a location that would have been waterfront property back in the day. It was also closely situated to Hanover Square, New York`s retail district and later home of the colony`s first newspapers.Kidd`s new home on Pearl Street was near the eastern gate to New York`s northern wall, later to become Wall Street. In later years, landfill will would extend east, removing old Pearl Street residences from the waterfront.A Turkish carpet on his parlor floor, casks of Madeira in his cellar. His tall house had scrolled dormers and fluted chimneys, which ships seeking New York moorage sought out as landmarks. A family man with two daughters, he also owned a pew at Trinity Church.After 8 years the Captain began his second career as a pirate and was hanged in London in 1701

Moved, 1691