The Community Core Sample Project & The Threshold Project


The Threshold Project traces the history of the site and its community, commemorating the homes, the churches and the numerous lives that were played out in these building , all of which were relocated in order to accommodate the new facility. Marble thresholds, engraved with the address of each building that was removed, are installed on the site at the precise location where a front door once marked an entrance. As one system is superimposed upon the other, we find threshold markers indoors and out, in parking lots, sidewalks, classrooms and hallways, intersecting with the new system that breaks from the existing city grid. The Threshold Project compares the former urban plan, demarcated by traditional lots set on a rigid grid with this dynamic new architecture. It is set on a solar grid and created by sustainable methods of designing and building that utilize an understanding and sensitivity to local environment and culture.The artwork was selected for the Americans for the Arts, Public Art Network, Year in Review in 2002

Installed, 2003