New York City Information Center


The NYC Information Center was a commission that prompted the invention of new ways to look at tourist information. It transforms a storefront into an 'information space', seamlessly integrating media design and architecture to meet visitors at any level of engagement. All levels of physical and digital design are customized to extend and anticipate the contents of the new NYC-Go web site and create an object-based live experience for users. Evolving the current best practices of brochures and human guides, the project develops a new paradigm for visitor information distribution. The view from the street pull the visitor into the information architecture. The universal symbol of information, the single "i", enlarged and extruded through the space, accommodates the Center's interactive 'Smart Tables'. These 6'x 4' multitouch screens with a sophisticated mapping capability enable visitors to create their custom NYC guidebook. You take a virtual walk in the city's streets by moving a puck, similar to a "You Are Here' dot, to find highlights and save them for itineraries. The 100 top questions are answered at the "FAQ" stations in ten languages. Chosen itineraries can be emailed to users on the go. Graphic banding of floor and walls organizes the interior into coordinates creating a "mapped" foreshortened space. The information tables and their digital mirrors above simulate the intensity of the city experience. Layers of information, electronic interfaces, brochures, a video wall 'FlyNYC' feature, and ticket and metro card vending are carefully incorporated into the design, resituating each individual experience and linking them as a unified system. This project, a collaboration between WXY and Local Projects, exemplifies the cross disciplinary nature of WXY's work in both analog and digital enhanced spaces and has become a prototype for the clients approach to tourist information.

Constructed, 2009


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