University of Cincinnati University Pavilion


Known as the “One-Stop,” this student oriented building is a gathering place with facilities for all student services, from admissions and enrollment to financial aid and career counseling, and an important pathway through the campus. Embedded in a steep slope, the six-story University Pavilion forms a clear boundary to the Commons, and gives definition to a new campus entry quadrangle. The long side of the building facing the Commons is a “window on the campus” alive with activity and movement between the several entries and levels of the building. An upper level entry at the Visitor Center creates a front door for the campus and a mid-level entry from the Commons leads to the Student Service Area. The building is also approached from the lower campus by a bridge from the College Conservatory of Music. Inside, the “window” zone contains a continuous stair through the lower three levels of the building, following the exterior Commons stair, connecting Visitor Center and Student Services. At the upper office floors, meeting rooms project into the “window” zone, engaging the atrium activities. At the roof level, an observation loggia outside the offices of the University President overlooking the Commons provides a dramatic crown for the building and a destination for visitors and campus functions. A warm-tone limestone wraps three sides of the building joining it to the immediate context. The face to the Commons, by contrast is fully glazed with brightly colored metal canopies marking the entries. On the masonry south façade, sunscreen/light shelves introduce reflected light deep into the interior workspaces while shielding windows from direct sunlight. By contrast, the north glazed façade takes advantage of its orientation and the generous exterior space to provide maximum daylight.

Installed, 2002