The campus is of the Getty Museum and other programs of the Getty Trust, well known for its architecture, gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles. Richard Meier has exploited the two naturally-occurring ridges by overlaying two grids along these axes. These grids serve to define the space of the campus while dividing the import of the buildings on it. OLIN`s garden design grew organically in response to the site`s context, specifically climate and light. The architectural parti strove for seamless integration of interior and exterior space. For staff and visitors, the gardens create an exquisitely appointed vestibule for the museum and set the stage for the treasures encountered within. OLIN`s design concept emerged as a reinterpretation of a classic Italian Renaissance villa and garden as a contemporary public arts institution. Italian stone pines line the entrance drive, pruned as in Rome to highlight their distinctive silhouette. A bosque of London plane trees revives the ancient horticultural practice of pollarding, a pruning technique seldom seen in the United States. All plants were carefully chosen based on their horticultural requirements, primarily water, soil, and sun needs. Both native and non-invasive plants that are proven performers in the Mediterranean climate of Los Angeles were selected. The striking cacti and succulent garden serves as a model of plant selection based on extreme environmental constraints.

Constructed, 1997

Old - American Society of Landscape Architects Design Honor Award in 2003
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