Campbell Apartment and Vanderbilt Tennis Club


The space had an interesting history. First rented out in 1923 by William Kissam Vanderbilt II, whose family built the terminal. It was once the ornate private office of early 20th century railroad executive and financier John Williams Campbell, and later a studio for CBS Radio and a jail used by Metro-North Railroad. In its current incarnation it is a bar. It is not the only hidden space in the Terminal. Hidden inside the Annex, is a 65-foot-long indoor ski slope and tennis courts. The athletic complex was first installed in the 1960s by Geza A. Gazdag, an immigrant from Hungary. The club hit the skids in the `80s, and in 1984 it was scooped up with some real estate deals by Donald Trump, who leased the space, renovated and turned the third-floor annex into an exclusive $155-an-hour ($130 on weekends) cash-only court for the well-heeled and well-connected. The pristine clay courts remained in semi-secrecy until Trump`s lease ended in 2009 and the space became a lounge and rest area for MTA workers and the Athletic Club moved to the Fourth Floor.

Restored, 1999

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