US Armed Forces Recruiting Station


The U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square signs over 1,000 applicants every year. It has been on this spot since 1946, and was granted indefinite free use of the land it is on in 1950. The current building, which was constructed in 1999, resembles a three-dimensional U.S. flag.The US Department of Defense commissioned ARO to replace their busiest recruiting station, a 500 SF structure located in the heart of Times Square. The challenge was to create a symbol of service that would not be dwarfed in a sea of commerce. ARO designed a carefully detailed stainless-steel building with an American flag of colored fluorescent lights (now replaced with LED lights) illuminating each long facade. The building has become an icon. In 2006, the Municipal Art Society of New York City designated it one of 30 buildings erected in the past 30 years worthy of landmark status.

Constructed, 1999


Old - AIA New York Chapter, Architecture Design Award in 2000Old - Art Commission Award for Design in Excellence in 1999
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