Wilkins Building, University College London


The Main Building at University College London includes the Octagon, Quad, Cloisters, Main Library, Flaxman Gallery, and the Wilkins Building. The Octagon Building was designed by the Architect William Wilkins who also designed the National Gallery. The original plans by Wilkins called for a U-shaped enclosure around the quad. Funds, however, ran out in 1829 with only the portico and dome finished. Wilkins' original plans were not completed until the 20th century: The Main Building was finally finished in 1985, 158 years since the foundations were laid, with a formal opening ceremony by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Constructed, 1827
Inaugurated, 1985
Addition, 2012

1985- The main building opened with a formal opening ceremony by Queen Elizabeth II.
1954- The movie 'Doctor in the House' uses the Front Quad and Portico as the entrance to "St Swithin's Hospital".
1959- The movie 'The 39 Steps' uses the Front Quad and Wilkins Building as the "St John's Wood Hospital".