USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum


The USS Intrepid (CV11) aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1943 for service in World War II, served during the Vietnam conflict, and went on to serve as a primary recovery vessel for NASA. In 1976, this ship was decommissioned and was set to be scrapped until real estate developer Zachary Fisher and the Intrepid Museum Foundation saved the boat and founded the museum. The Intrepid now floats off Pier 86 in the Hudson River near W 47th Street and is a part of an interactive military history museum. One of New York City's most visited attractions, the USS Intrepid Museum aims to "honor our heroes, educate the public, and inspire our young people." The museum features the historic ship, as well as a range of interactive exhibits honoring the events and sailors, which made the Intrepid a symbol of heroism, dedication and service. Dattner's Master Plan for the Intrepid guided the Museum's development and improvement in the short and long term. Previously inaccessible areas like the Fo'c'sle, the forecastle or the forward portion of the ship where the sailors' living quarters are housed, and the chain room were renovated and are now open to the public. The stair and elevator towers designed for the adjoining Pier 86 improve access to the ship and strengthen its connections to the adjacent Hudson River Park.

Renovation, ca 2006
Founded, ca 1983
Constructed, ca 1943


Old - Built by Women in 2015
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