Stratton Student Center

Building W20 and The Julius Adams Stratton Building


A three-story atrium forms the core of the revitalized Stratton Student Center. The new atrium lightens the building, allowing natural light into the deep floor plan — more than 300 tons of concrete were removed from the existing building to build the space. The atrium provides visual and immediate stair connections from the main retail level to second floor dining services and the third floor coffee house, reducing dependence on the building`s elevators. Working with MIT in a participatory planning process, Bruner/Cott developed a program response through a university-wide survey to identify the goals of user groups. Today students, faculty, alumni, parents, neighborhood residents and guests make full use of the Stratton Center`s informal sunlit lounges and retail spaces. The renovation included a 425-seat main dining room, two new kitchens and a food court-style servery, increasing choice and reducing wait times. Conference and dining spaces were added in key locations throughout the Student Center with associated systems for catering and tel/data support.

Constructed, 1963
Renovation, 1988