House in Ghent


Perched above a rock outcropping overlooking the Hudson River and the rolling hills of a 120+ acre site in rural lands in Ghent, NY, the project presents a new residential typology while dramatizing the relationship between building and landscape. Totaling 6,000 sq ft, this weekend house and compound is a series of five separate pavilions, each providing a specific function. The pavilions are connected by a raised concrete walkway that floats above the natural terrain. Each pavilion is a subtle iteration of the archetypal ‘glass box` paradigm with its own unique approach to the relationship between transparent and opaque materials. At the Main House, structural floor-to-ceiling double glazing around the perimeter of the building is supported by stainless steel columns providing optimum transparency. Core functions like kitchen, bath, and storage are centralized, allowing for an open floor plan and circulation throughout. At the Guest House, privacy is afforded through horizontal paneling, creating a horizontal datum while maintaining panoramic views of the landscape. The Cooking Pavilion is designed for entertaining, opening diagonally out towards an exterior terrace at the west while the kitchen and storage are located in a solid corner on the east. At the Exercise Pavilion, glazed corners provide distinctive views of both the other pavilions and the surrounding landscape. The overall architectural vocabulary of the pavilions is one of constants and unity but also of variables, arrayed carefully over the topography.

Constructed, 2011

Old - AIA NY Chapter Merit Award in 2014