Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse


Located on the Harlem River immediately south of Sherman Creek, the Peter Jay Sharp Boathose reestablishes the historic presence of recreational boating facilities on Manhattan`s northern waterfront. This project is part of a rehabilitation of the blighted shoreline area undertaken by the New York Restoration Project, a privately-funded non-profit, in conjunction with New York City and State agencies. To avoid harming the fragile intertidal environment, the boathouse was designed as a floating structure, as were the earlier boathouses located on the site. The Boathouse was built up the Hudson and floated into place. Access to the facility from the promenade atop the nearby embankment is through a gated entrance and down a series of ramped fixed piers leading to floating docks. The first floor of the boathouse contains storage space and a launching area for sixteen boats of various sizes, while administrative, exercise, and meeting rooms are housed on the building`s second floor. Spectators can enjoy crew practices and races from a second-floor deck. The project received an award from the New York City Art Commission in 2001.

Constructed, 2004