New York Public Library - 53rd Street Branch


Embedded within a neighborhood dense with high-end retail, luxury residences, and blue-chip institutions and offices, this 28,000 square foot branch library fulfills a much-needed role as a public space and a touchstone for the local community and visiting tourists. TEN Arquitectos' design transforms the dark, subterranean space into an inviting, open and light-filled civic landscape in the heart of Manhattan. Inside, the innovative use of modest materials creates a rich palette of texture and expression. The interior rear wall, squarely framed by the clear facade, will be a changing canvas for artwork commissioned from young artists, creating a dialogue with the established art world of the Museum of Modern Art across the street. The book collection is structured to encourage greater interaction among individuals, between the user and the library itself, while establishing new connections between the library, books, technology, and art. The building as a whole seeks to act as a platform for change, exchange, and--through its collections of resources, most notably, human resources--to elevate individuals and the collective alike. Complementing its cultural neighbors on 53rd street, the NYPL will act as a dynamic space to host lectures, films, and live performances even after hours.

Constructed, 2016