Located in the heart of New York City's civic center, the Jacob Javits Plaza (a.k.a. Federal Plaza) is at the intersection of several diverse communities. The one acre plaza of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building at Foley Square serves both as an open-air entryway to the building and as a public park drawing users from the nearby residential neighborhoods of Tribeca, Chinatown, and Battery Park City.

Constructed, 1969
Renovation, 1997

After the removal of Tilted Arc, landscape artist Martha Schwartz re-designed the plaza. Martha Schwartz benches were the first project after Tilted arc was removed. Other artworks connected with building include A Study in Five Planes/Peace (1965) by Alexander Calder and the Manhattan Sentinels (1996) by Beverly Pepper. In the James L. Watson Court of International Trade can be found Metropolis (1967) by Seymour Fogel and Eagle/Justice Above All Else (1970) by Theodore Roszak.

Renovation, 2013

Michael Van Valkenburgh's redesign of the plaza attempts to balance its identity as both an intimate public space and a reflection of the larger civic landscape of Foley Square.

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